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What is Sarsaparilla Root?

For centuries, indigenous people around the world used the root of the sarsaparilla plant (Smilax regelii) for treating joint problems like arthritis, and for healing skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. The root was also thought to cure leprosy due to its “blood-purifying” properties. It has the highest content of iron in any plant on the planet.

Sarsaparilla was later introduced into European medicine and eventually registered as an herb in the Unites States Pharmacopoeia to treat syphilis. [1] The antioxidants in Sarsaparilla are able to neutralize free radicals, these are cancer-causing byproducts. It contains various compounds, such as saponins, parillin, and other flavonoids that can soothe those flare-ups within the body and alleviate pain and discomfort. This helps with inflammatory issue, such as gout and arthritis. It cures anemia, impotency in men, STDS and Herpes.

    The Body

    Sarsaparilla has shown activity against harmful bacteria and other microorganisms that have invaded the body. It has anti-cancerous and anti-tumor properties. It is able to reverse damage to the liver and help it function at its best. One of the more traditional uses of sarsaparilla was to increase the libido of men and women in an effort to increase fertility. The natural antibacterial properties of sarsaparilla increase the strength of your immune system. The root has long been used as a diuretic, which means that it stimulates urination in those who consume it. For people who want to purify their body or detoxify in some way, a diuretic can eliminate excess fats, salts, toxins, and water from the body. [2]



    Safe Use: 

    There are no known side effects of using sarsaparilla. However, taking a large amount of saponins may cause stomach irritation. Be aware that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate herbs and supplements and they aren’t subjected to rigorous safety and efficacy testing prior to marketing.

    Sarsaparilla may interact with certain medications. It can increase the ability of your body to absorb other drugs. Call your doctor right away if you experience any side effects while taking sarsaparilla. [3] 

    Don’t confuse sarsaparilla with Indian sarsaparilla, Hemidesmus indicus. The Indian sarsaparilla is sometimes used in sarsaparilla preparations but doesn’t have the same active chemicals of the sarsaparilla in the Smilax genus.


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